David Lowe


Lectures and Judging Diary

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05 Feb Leamington Spa CC   Judging Print PDI Competition.

13 Mar Leamington Spa CC   Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

14 Mar Kempsey PS          Judging inter club with Beacon

23 Apr Trinity PG          Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

18 May N&EMPF              Judging inter club competition

05 Jun Newport CC          Judging Annual Colour Print Competition

11 Jun Aston & Erdington   Judging Choice of the Year Competition

12 Jun Ludlow CC           Judging 2nd Print Competition

18 Jun Trinity CC          Judging PDI Competition

20 Jun Grange PS           Judging the Grange Photographic Competition

28 Jun Stourport CC       Judging Print Competition

21 Jul Southport PS        Judging SRGB Competition

24 Sep Evesham PS          Judging DPI Competition

25 Sep Imagez CC           Digital Print Workshop

02 Oct Gloucester CC       Presentation - Variety Pack

18 Oct Bridgenorth CC      Judging DPI Competition

20 Nov Rushton & District  Judging Mono Print Competition.