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David Lowe



Lectures and Judging Diary

Gallery images copyright © David Lowe





09 Jan Bridgnoth PS        Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

16 Jan Digibox             Judging Monthly Competition

22 Jan Wall Heath CC       Judging Monthly Competition

31 Jan Ilkley CC           Presentation - Variety Pack

04 Feb Yardley PS          Judging Monthly Competition

09 Feb Western Counties    Judging Annual Exhibition

11 Feb Redditch PS         Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

03 Mar Tetternal Wood PS   Printing With Confidence Demonstration

08 Mar EAF                 Annual Championship.

31 Mar Royal Wooton Bassett Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

10 Apr Kempsey             Judging Monthly Competition

14 Apr Market Harborough PS Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

20 Apr Aston & Erdington   Judging Landscape Competition

30 Apr Bromsgrove PS       Judging Monthly Competition

06 May Swindon PS          Judging Monthly Competition

12 May Tettenhall Wood     Judging Monthly Competition

26 May Stratford PG        Judging Monthly Competition

01 Jun Abington PS         Presentation - Variety Pack  

17 Jun Tenbury PC          Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation

11 Aug Daventry            Judging Monthly Competition

28 Sep Newcastle CC        Presentation TBA

07 Oct Ross on Wye PS      Judging Monthly Competition

29 Oct Stourbridge PS      Judging Monthly Competition

09 Nov Kettering & District Judging Monthly Competition

26 Nov Stourport PS        Printing With Confidence Demonstration

10 Dec Shirley PS          Mono Conversion Techniques



13 Jan Ross on Wye PS     Long Exposure Daylight Photography Presentation  

25 Jan Kidderminster CC   Judging Monthly Competition

01 Feb Droitwich          Architectural& Buildings

18 Feb Beacon CC          Judging Monthly Competition

25 Feb Bridgnorth CC      Mono Conversion Techniques

17 Mar Chapel CC          Mono Conversion Techniques









Grayscale Band Small

Can you see all of the graduations from black to white? If not, tilt your screen until you can.

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